The WHAT Diet?!

As a dietitian, there are fad diets and super foods that I see which I typically scoff at or laugh off.  After all, every new day brings reports about the latest and greatest.

Today, however, I had an experience that left me with my jaw on the ground.

Walking past a Coles in the local mall, I spotted several books on display, one of which was a cookbook.  What caught my attention was not the elegant design, nor the glossy front cover.  Rather, it was the title itself.  The name of this cookbook?  The MILF Diet.

The term, MILF, is a derogatory one typically reserved for pornography and highly sexualized scenarios.  It is an acronym referring to a “Mother I’d Like to F…..”  (Hint: think hanky panky).   Yet in today’s society, MILF has also evolved to represent the idea of a wonder woman.  A woman who is a mother and highly attractive, yet delicately feminine and all-knowing in the home.

Hoping that my eyes were deceiving me, I cracked open the cover.  I prayed there was something worthwhile reading on the inside.   Unfortunately there was not. 

According to the author, Jessica Porter, the “MILF diet is all about eating foods that are uniquely suited to the human body—foods that contain good-quality yin and good-quality yang—helping the body to buzz along smoothly and MILFily without becoming too stressed out or breaking down.” 

She also goes on to say, “MILFiness is all about balance. By staying balanced, MILFs are healthier, are sexier, and have more fun.”

I am unsure of what Ms. Porter is trying to suggest here.  Is she suggesting that eating whole foods can provide women with a beauty and sexiness like no other?  Is she suggesting that our goal is to be sexually appealing to others, and that’s why we need to eat well?

As you can imagine, I have a difficult time wrapping my mind around how someone could suggest that femininity and nutrition are linked.  I have never once experienced a moment with food where I felt like my sense of ‘womanliness’ had increased.

There is some merit to the idea that eating healthy foods will translate into a better appearance. After all, when you feel better and eat well, you carry yourself in a different way, and appear more attractive to others.   But to suggest that someone will not reach true beauty and “MILF sexiness” until they try this diet is insulting.   

Ms. Porter’s website on this matter makes ridiculous connections between whole foods and sexuality.  It also includes overly exaggerated videos, such as this one:

Let me make it clear where I stand on this matter.  Ms. Porter is an individual who does not have the expertise nor the experience to comment on nutrition, sexuality, or any combination of the two.  She uses her provocative title to generate publicity and book sales.  Furthermore, her goofy behaviours in her videos err more on the side of entertainment than education. 

I can reassure you that nutrition has never been about being sexy nor has it been limited to one gender.  Anyone of any race, shape or size can be healthy.  Furthermore, sexiness does not come from one specific food; it comes from feeling attractive and comfortable in your own skin.

So do yourself a favour. Do not preoccupy yourself with the ideas of Ms. Porter.  Eat well.  Be active.  And leave this book behind on the store shelf. 

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